VOXI is only available to under 30s

You’ll receive a combi-SIM…

Which covers standard, micro and nano sized SIMs whether in an iPhone or an Android phone. Just pop out the size you need!

VOXI are great…

  • No credit checks
  • No minimum term
  • No worries if you skip a month
  • No unexpected bills
  • Change your plan at any time
  • Unlimited social data, meaning you can use Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Viber and Facebook Messenger as much as you like without it affecting your data allowance
  • You can add a music pass for £5 a month for unlimited data on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and Napster without it affecting your data allowance
  • You can add a video pass pass for £7 a month for unlimited data on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Disney Life, My5, tvp, vevo and UK TV Play without it affecting your data allowance
  • Runs off Vodafone’s signal (and is owned by Vodafone)
  • Put the SIM in any unlocked phone (or a Vodafone phone)
  • Get a £10 Amazon voucher by going through us… And a free case!
  • Check usage and change your plan through the VOXI website
  • Use your plan in 48 EU countries

How to get on VOXI…

  1. Order your free VOXI SIM through this page. Delivery should be within 3 working days. You will also be emailed a code from VOXI for your Amazon voucher… Keep hold of this for when you activate your SIM.
  2. When your SIM arrives, get it out the packet and activate it through the VOXI website, remembering to enter your code for your Amazon voucher that they emailed to you in the process. Choose a plan for the month (you can set it to recur automatically each month if you want to).
  3. If you want to bring your existing phone number with you, just call your existing network and request a PAC code, then log into your VOXI account on their website and apply it. Easy.

You will receive an email within a few days of activation with a link to claim your free case. And you will receive your £10 Amazon voucher via email, after you have paid your second month running on your new SIM.

If you require more than 5 SIM cards please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Still got questions?

Frequent questions about VOXI


Use of VOXI is subject to their terms & conditions available on their website. Free case whilst stocks last.