Do Vodafone get priority signal?

Do Vodafone get priority signal?

No. Definitely not. The signal you will receive on VOXI is exactly the same as if you were on Vodafone.

This misinformation originates from two places:

  1. Retention departments of other network providers trying to discourage their customers from leaving.
  2. A small number of people that join a network and have bad signal for any one of a number of reasons, instantly believing this to be the case.

More detail…

The Vodafone masts cannot give out different strengths to different customers. Once you put a signal into the air waves from an antenna, there’s absolutely no way to make it any stronger or weaker for different receivers using identical equipment in the same location – Its like turning on a light bulb… Everyone is going to see the same – except those wearing sunglasses or who have better/worse eyesight.

If two phones in the same area, one on VOXI, one on Vodafone have varying signal to either ones favour, all that’s shown is that one of the phones or SIMs connection performs worse than the other two. This could be down to a faulty (or old/corroded) SIM… If there is a bad electrical connection between the SIM and the phone, it creates an inability to connect to the provider’s network properly.

It could also be an issue relating to software. Even two phones of the same make and model could have different software running that could play a role.

But if you have a dual SIM phone and in slot one put an Vodafone SIM in it and in the other slot a VOXI SIM, they will be identical signal strength.